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Collaboratively scaling the place-based community finance ecosystem
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The Catalyst: Community Finance Initiative aims to enhance the ecosystem to support the start-up and scale up of place-based community finance organizations in urban, rural, and Northern communities across Canada.

What We Do

Convene around community finance:

  • Facilitate knowledge sharing amongst place-based finance organizations, investors, and capacity builders.
  • Engage existing and new community finance organizations that can serve organizations, projects, and enterprises in urban, rural and Northern communities, alongside mainstream leaders in philanthropy, public policy, and financial institutions.

Programs to advance community finance:

  • Support a learning community of current and interested place-based community capital stakeholders.
  • Develop and curate tools, templates, and shared services for community capital leaders.

United voice for community finance:

  • Collectively design relevant ecosystem and provincial public policy infrastructure to ensure that community finance organizations can successfully and sustainably start-up and scale their impact.

Join our network for and by community finance organizations

Catalyst is a network of place-based impact funds, community loan funds, investment co-operatives, community land trusts, local credit unions, and other community finance organizations. We are a collective that exists to advance the community finance sector in Canada. Join to gain access to peers, programming, tools, and resources. 

Our Principles

Community-focus: We enable communities to thrive through access to community-centric capital.

Trust: We build high-trust relationships based on mutual respect to co-operate openly and transparently.

Meaningful engagement: We hear, learn, and take collective action informed from diverse community perspectives.

Humility: We recognize we don’t have all the answers and commit to making right what we get wrong.

Action-oriented: We advocate for community finance and take action rooted in our collective wisdom and continuous learning.

Belonging and reciprocity: We create collaborative relationships and strive to advance social justice, inclusion and equity.

Stewardship Group

Catalyst: Community Finance Initiative is a collaborative with a growing, wide range of networks, intermediaries and funders. The collaborative is stewarded by a number of key partners:

Be represented in the Community Finance ecosystem

Catalyst would like to be able to include you and your organization in our maps and directories of the community finance ecosystem. We have developed a brief survey linked below which will establish an overview of who you are and how you are connected to community finance. We would appreciate it if you could complete the survey and be reflected in this network.


Catalyst Action Plan

After our first year of engagement with community stakeholders, Catalyst has prepared a comprehensive Action Plan including overall objectives, goals, and next steps.

Catalyst Community Finance Initiative Ecosystem Convening Summary

Report summarizing the Ecosystem Convening with various ecosystem stakeholders in March 2022

Catalyst Community Finance Initiative Stakeholder Engagement Report

Report detailing the findings of interviews from 35 community finance ecosystem stakeholders

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